Dr Zakir Naik’s Biography

Dr Zakir Naik in Maldives, May 2010 Bombay India Creation awards. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik (born November 18, 1965) is a public evangelic in India. The former president of the Islam Research Federation and the Peace Television Network has served in various roles. Naik stated his plan to ‘concentrate on educated Muslim youth who are becoming apologetic about themselves.’, Naik gives lectures promoting Islam (Dawa) with sometimes accompanying questions and responses to audience questions.

Who is Dr Zakir Naik?

Dr. Zakir Naik is a world-renowned Islamic scholar, preacher, and televangelist. He is the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation, which runs the Peace TV channel. Dr. Zakir was born in Mumbai, India, in 1965 to a conservative Muslim family. He graduated from Topiwala National Medical College with a Bachelor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Surgery degree. He then pursued a career in preaching, becoming one of the most popular Islamic scholars in the world.

Dr. Zakir is known for his work in comparative religion, where he seeks to promote understanding between different faiths. He has written over 30 books on Islam and has delivered thousands of lectures around the world. In recent years, he has been banned from entering several countries due to his controversial views on other religions. Nevertheless, he remains one of the most influential Muslims in the world today.

Educational background

Zakir Naik is a well-known Islamic preacher. Aber is also an extremely qualified medical doctor. After graduating from the MBBS program the Doctor commenced a career as a licensed physician. Eventually, he prefers to take the soul with divine energy instead of using drugs.

Dr Zakir Naik Careers

In 1991, he began work in the Dawwah field and founded Islamic International Schools in Mumbai and United Islamic Assistance which grants scholarships to poor and depressed Muslim youth. Naik’s wife Farhat Naik runs the women’s group within Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). Earlier that year he founded United Islamic Aid, an Islamic scholarship organization for Muslim students. A Muslim pastor named Ahmed Deedat inspired Naik in 2006, who was in touch with him and subsequently met him. Naik’s nickname is called “Deedat plus,” a term he has received from Deedat.

Work as a Medical Doctor

Dr. Zakir Naik is a medical doctor who has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of those in his community. He was born in Mumbai, India, and graduated from medical school in 1992. He began his career working in a hospital but soon recognized the need for more access to healthcare in his community. He founded the Islamic Medical Association of India, which provides free medical care to underserved populations. He also established a network of hospitals and clinics across India that provide quality care to all patients. In addition to his work as a doctor, Dr. Naik is also an active member of the Muslim community and has worked to promote understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims. He is a respected speaker and has authored numerous books and articles on Islam and interfaith dialogue. Dr. Naik has also spoken out against terrorism and other extremist groups. Dr. Naik was awarded the Padma Bhushan, one of India’s highest civilian awards, in 2010 for his work as a social reformer, educationist, and philanthropist.


He began working in Dawah in 1991. Initially, the IRF was set up to conduct research. It is his responsibility to create and lead the comparative Islamic division on peace television that promotes human dignity, truth, and justice. Among his many lectures on Islam and Christianity, the preacher has mesmerized over 20,000 audiences and has given many. Zakir Naik’s earliest debate took place with Taslima Nasreen in the book Lajja. Zakir Nikki founded the United Islamist Aid Organization. The Foundation offers scholarships to young Muslims.

His speeches have been translated into several languages including English, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and Urdu.


Zakir Naik doesn’t claim to belong to any specific school of Islam. Although some have denied his claims there has been some evidence that Salafi’s views and ideology are comparable. Naik aims to target educated Muslim youth who have become ashamed of their own religion and feel it has become an outdated religion. It would be a moral duty to eliminate perceived false perceptions about Islam.

Lectures and discussions

In contrast to other Islamic preachers, his lectures are often colloquial. Naik has given more than 5000 lectures worldwide since 2016. Anthropologist Thomas Blom Hansen says Naik’s approach to memorizing Hadith books and other texts, as well as his missionary activities, have made him very popular among Muslims. Many of his debates were broadcast online as well as on DVDs and videos.

Controversial statements and actions

Dr Zakir Naik has been a controversial figure for many years. His statements and actions have often caused outrage and debate.

Most recently, Dr Zakir was criticized for his comments on the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. He said that the victims had brought the attacks upon themselves by insulting the prophet Muhammad.

This sparked a heated debate, with many people calling for him to be banned from speaking in public. However, he has defended his right to free speech and continues to make inflammatory statements.

Dr Zakir is a divisive figure, many agree with him, and many strongly disagree with him. There is no doubt that he is a controversial figure who causes a lot of debate and discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zakir Naik really a doctor?

During his studies, he went to Kishinchand Cholaram University and completed medical school at Topiwala National Medical College & BYL Nair Charitable Hospital.

Is Zakir Naik a convert?

The report reveals that the man is associated with Uttar Pradesh conversions. Islamic Dawa Center contacted Naik’s advisor. He was a Muslim televangelist whose preachers were living on the island of Malaysia.

Is Zakir Naik rich?

Report: The assets of Zakir Naik have been seized by the Indian authorities.

Is Peace TV still running?

The network broadcasted on the country’s television network from 2006 until 2009 but has been denied entry by India’s government in 2009. Hathway ceased its broadcasts.

Where is Dr. Zakir Naik?

Naik has moved to Malaysia since escaping from India in 2016. Malaysia’s government granted him permanent residency.

Who is Farhat Zakir Naik?

She was recently appointed President of the Women Wing of IRF. She previously taught Islam at the Islamic Religious Research Foundation. Naturally, she travels the globe to give exclusive women’s education courses in English and Urdu.

What is the qualification of Dr. Zakir Naik?

He was born October 18 1965 in Mumbai and completed his education at KSCLALARAM College, Kishinchand. He later completed the MBS at Topiwala National Medical School and at the charity BYL Nair Health Centre. Naik met South African Islamic preacher Ahmad Deedat in 1987 and had enormous influence from them.

Does Zakir Naik know Arabic?

In his first court appearance today the alleged Islamist speaker said he spoke partially Arabic and read some Sanskrit, but didn’t know Arabic.

Is Zakir Naik allowed in Saudi Arabia?

The comments were followed by an investigation of the preacher and an official ban on his public talks.

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